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Welcome to Aksara Global Akademia - the nexus for thinkers, researchers, and practitioners from across the globe. We are a cradle of innovation and knowledge, where grand ideas are conceived, nurtured, and shared with a global community. Offering services ranging from book and e-book publishing, scientific articles, copyright and trademark protection, to international certifications and training such as MOS, MCE, and MCF, we are dedicated to enriching the educational and research landscape. Furthermore, as organizers of international conferences, we bridge various disciplines for broader collaboration and knowledge exchange. With Aksara Global Akademia, step onto the global stage and let your work shine internationally.

Unleashing Potential, Connecting Innovators Worldwide

Here's a brief explanation of each service offered by Aksara Global Akademia:

  1. Book Publishing: We assist authors in publishing their works in physical format, ensuring high-quality printing and broad distribution to reach readers worldwide.
  2. E-Book: Our digital publishing service enables your work to be available in electronic format, easily accessible across various devices, expanding your reader base globally.
  3. Scientific Articles: We support the publication of research and scientific findings in reputable journals. This service is designed to ensure that your research results are accessible to the academic and practitioner communities around the world.
  4. Copyright and Trademark: We provide assistance in securing copyright and trademarks for your works and innovations, ensuring legal protection and exclusivity in the global market.
  5. International Training & Certification: Offering international certifications and training such as MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist), MCE (Microsoft Certified Educator), and MCF (Microsoft Certified Fundamentals), to enhance your professional skills and competencies in the fields of technology and education.
  6. Organizing Online International Conferences: We organize international conferences that provide a platform for academics, researchers, and professionals to exchange ideas, research results, and the latest innovations across various fields of study.

Each of our services is designed to support and promote the exchange of knowledge and global collaboration, ensuring your work receives wide recognition and impact.

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Aksara Global Akademia: Unleashing Potential, Connecting Innovators Worldwide



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International Training & Certification




International Training & Certification

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By joining Aksara Global Akademia, you and your institution are given the opportunity to utilize a variety of services such as scientific publishing, copyright protection, as well as the chance to develop competencies through international certification. More than that, it is an opportunity to collaborate with thinkers and innovators from around the world, enriching understanding and perspectives, and bringing home knowledge and experiences that can contribute to national development.

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- The 7th Asia-Africa International Conference and Awards 2024, as Best Woman Publisher

- ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, Award for “Startup Entrepreneur” from the Asia-Africa Excellence Award 2022, organized by D.Y Patil University, Pune-India.